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Looking for hair ideas for long hair? There are many options to choose from when selecting a Long Hairstyle. You can wear your hair long and parted, you can also use straightening irons for that long straight and smooth look. When going for a long hairstyle you may want to consider layering your hair to shape your face or consider a side fringe or bangs to enhance the shape even more. Wavy hairstyles are a big trend at the moment for long hairstyles. If you do not have long hair, extensions can be used to create a long hairstyle, make sure you use good quality extensions for a natural looking style.

Megan Fox Long HairIf you are looking for a long hair design this is an amazing Long Wavy Hair Look from Megan. Ashley Tisdale Long Blonde Ashley Tisdale Long Blonde Hair looks so great with her parted fringe and dark undertones.
Ashley Greene Long Hair Wavy Ashley Greene’s sasy Long Wavy Hair is a great choice when it comes to looking for hair ideas for long hair. Ashlee Simpson Blonde Long HairA fab haircut styles for long hair is this look by Ashlee Simpson with her Blonde Long Hair.
Long Wavy Hair-styleLayered long hair is always a glam as you can see in this pic of Rachel Bilson Scarlett Johansson Curly Hair Style

Scarlett Johansson Beautiful and Luscious Blonde curls are a showstopper if you are looking for a long hair cut idea.

Khloe Kardashian Long Wavy Hair StyleKhloe Kardashian Long Waves are another stunning example of curly long hair. Hayden Panettiere Blonde Long Hair Style

Hayden Panettiere Blonde Long Hair style is a classic yet glamorous look perfect for the red carpet.

Jessica Simpson Blonde Wave Hair Style

You  can’t go wrong with this haircut, Jessica Simpson’s Blonde Waves and style is an inspirational look for long hair.

Jennifer Aniston Long Hair StyleJennifer Aniston always looks great with her with long hair and the dark undertones really make the look.


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